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Multi- Purpose Hall Rules & Regulations

(Badminton, Student, Staff & Campus events)

All users are expected to act in accordance with the followings:

1. To use the Multipurpose Hall during the official day and time as stipulated by the management ONLY;
2. Users are to wear Non-Marking shoes only for sports activities and should dress appropriately;
3. No smoking, drinking alcohol permitted. Strictly no chewing gum; 4. To ensure all the equipment’s used are returned in a good condition.
5. Users must leave the hall when requested by the Security Guard or any other authorized personnel on any breach of rules or whenever necessary;
6. Strictly no double sided tape stick on all wall. 7. Students are required to ensure the cleanliness of the venue and its compound at all time.
8. All events organizers are required to submit their Audio-Visual vendor details and equipment list to Administration & Facilities Management for approval.
9. Installation of additional power connection and fixture should be approved by the Chargeman.
10. Equipment and materials issued by AFM is not allowed to be borrowed to external vendors.
11. Only a maximum 30 amps of power supply will be provided for sound system and lightning vendors respectively for events.
12. Usage of LED screen and Projector is only to be used on the student’s event day. Allowed time for the event is from 5.00pm till 11.00pm only.
13. Rehearsal / testing are allowed a day before the event, the testing period is 7.30pm – 9.00pm.
14. Usage of hall air Cond is only allowed during the event duration starting from 5.00pm till 11.00pm.
15. Air Cond will not be provided for rehearsals.
16. Any kind of damages or failure on the LED screen, input connection will be charged to the person / club applying for reservation.
17. INTI IU reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations from time to time; and
18. Every person is responsible for their own safety. INTI IU will not be responsible for any death, loss, damages, or injury caused;
19. INTI IU reserves the right to cancel or revoke confirmed reservations in case of misrepresentation and/or violation of the policies, rules, and regulations.
Nedan Francis,
Jan 10, 2017, 11:03 PM